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A newly formed crit series in Houston, hosted at the Houston Sports Park, where the Houston Dash holds their practices. The crit has taken over the streets surrounding the facilities with an L shaped cource, the course conditions are practically perfect. Streets are smooth, clear of any potholes or cracks along the course.

This series has a lot of the following from the other local crits, Memorial and Bear Creek in the Cat 5-3 and Womens. The difference being is a category for the Juniors and in addition a Beginners Program in which mentors such as Carl Jones, Edgar Nunnelly, John Wilmeth, etc. The coaching consists of how to move through a paceline, maintaining a paceline, weaving through the pack, sprints, cornering for example. Immediately after the program students are encouraged to participate in the race the same day. All, if not most do and have seen significant improvements. Kudos to Alex Montoya in creating such this series.

Event Dates:  July 5th (Sunday), July 11th, 18th, 25th and August 1st (Saturdays)

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The following are the photo galleries from the attended crits. Hope you enjoy!